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Homeopathy is a gentle natural therapeutic system that not only cures physical ailments, but also touches the soul. Hence it is based on affection for our patients, respect for the human condition, and compassion towards the foibles and weaknesses of humanity.


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Dr. Google has failed you. Your doctor has told you everything is fine but you don’t feel fine. You suspect your medication is palliating or bringing additional symptoms instead of addressing the the root of the problem. You want an educated opinion, not a lecture.

​​Then let me help you on your quest to help yourself.



MSc, PhD (London), DIHom (Pract), FBIH, RSHom


“I am a homeopathic doctor and holistic physician who practices Homeopathy, Holistic Counselling, and Nutrition. Having a passion for Health and Science, I initiated my academic path on the field of Food/Nutrition, which lead to a PhD (Kings College London) in Microbiology.

Following the birth of my two children, my love for science never diminished and I embarked on a journey of pursuing the optimal approach to Health, which led to become a fully trained homeopath. I have found this holistic approach to be most complete, bringing real and lasting benefits as it focus on the cause of the disease, rather than just the superficial removal or suppression of symptoms. As a scientist and as a practitioner of the healing art of homeopathy; I have found a system of therapy that has been a lifelong blessing to my family, my patients and myself.

As a homeopathic doctor, my ultimate goal is to help you live to your fullest capacity, where the entire spiritual – mental – emotional – social – physical being is restored to the natural state it was created in. From the times of Hippocrates (considered the Father of Modern Medicine) the human being was recognised as a trinity of body, mind and spirit, with the last perhaps as the most important part.”

“Man consists in what he thinks and what he loves, and there is nothing else in man (Dr James T. Kent)”.

Homeopathic Medicine and Consultations

Dr Alexandra Melo - London Homeopathy for Babies

Homeopathy for Babies

Completely safe and non-toxic, stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms, understand the general health and development of your children

Dr Alexandra Melo - London Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy for Children

Children’s health is one of the most concerning aspects of parenthood. Although homeopathy works well in variety of diseases, it has special affinity for childhood problems.

Homeopathy for Animals (Excluding UK)

All higher forms of animal’s life are capable of producing symptoms of the disease and are thus receptive to homeopathic cures

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Any views or advice obtained via this website should not be taken as a substitute
for medical advice or treatment, especially if you are aware of, or suffer from, a specific health complaint.​

I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP as homeopathy and conventional medicine can be integrated when necessary to ​provide complementary services. Your GP will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need, and provide emergency cover.

The information on this website is written WITHOUT PREJUDICE